Darrel E. Knutson, B.A., RPCV

With an office in Hamburg, I provide English language services to German companies wanting to reach a global audience.

Globalization involves understanding and speaking the world's lingua franca and using English in day-to-day international correspondence and communications. It also requires the availability of English-language documents and materials for communicating with the outside world.

What global companies need

Global companies need to talk to the world

English language services required by global German companies

Translations [DE > EN]

A global company needs English language documents and templates, catalogues and product information, instruction manuals, technical specifications, safety information, flyers and trade fair materials, press releases, contracts, a website and much more. If top quality is important, outsourcing translation work to a low-wage country or having the Google translate service handle it is simply not an option.

In-company English

A global enterprise needs management and staff able to effectively communicate in real, everyday English. Management, supervisors, engineers, technicians, administrative staff, etc. have to know how to use English correctly to communicate on the phone, in an e-mail, in a conference call or face to face. They also have to understand dialects, accents and sometimes really bad English. This is not the English you learn at school.

IT training [EN/DE]

Besides technical and accounting systems, international businesses use content management and database systems to hold entire inventories of corporate knowledge. Being able to access, maintain and update this info via an app, a program or a web-based interface usually requires some training. International commerce and communications also involve electronic and digital systems more than ever before.

What I can do for you

English language services for individuals and companies

Translations [DE > EN]

Since 1992 I have been taking German source materials and transforming them into perfectly understandable English targeted for a variety of readers: world-wide, primarily within Europe, or specific English-speaking countries. I use only modern Translation Memory (TM) software to guarantee consistency and top quality.

This is the main service I provide. I'm always ready to learn something new, but my main interests are IT & software, multimedia, alternative energies and fuels, e-mobility, energy production, manufacturing systems, medical technology, logistics - and well, lots of other things, too.

I'm a member of the Proz.com translators' community.

In-company English

Since 1987 I have been teaching English in companies in and around Hamburg in industries ranging from multimedia and software to manufacturing, technical services, oil refining, laser technology, electricity production and distribution, and (because this is Hamburg) aviation/aeronautics, publishing, public relations, advertising, business services, shipbuilding and import/export.

I can handle most short-term courses and can enlist the help of experienced, native English teachers for any longer-term lessons. All content is developed specifically for you and your company.

I'm a member and former chairman of HELTA, e.V., the Hamburg English Language Teaching Association.

IT training [EN/DE]

I've been an IT trainer since 1995, with experience giving e-commerce courses throughout Europe [EN] and Germany [DE]. I've also taught hundreds of internet-related courses on web design, multimedia and online communications (mostly in German). I love helping others learn to use software to get things done.

I also offer English training tailored specifically for IT professionals. For many years I have been teaching the English language component of Dataport's Basiskurs (in Hamburg and Altenhoz near Kiel). The main objective is for learners to independently use the tools and media available online to maintain their English and continuously learn more to keep up with new developments in IT.


Darrel E. Knutson

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Phone: +49 (0)173 20 88 764

My office telephone will no longer be in service as of the end of March 2018.
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